Good luck to all the teams and to our team leader, Christina Zecca, in the Silver Sailfish Derby. Christina is fishing on the Beachkomer, this will be her first appearance at the Silver Sailfish Derby. 


The derby features a two-day fishing format on Thursday, January 10, and Friday, January 11. This was a done in favor of tournament participation and to avoid competition with weekend anglers. The tournament is limited to 50 boats. 


The derby is concluded on Saturday evening with a dinner and trophy presentation at the Sailfish Club of Florida in Palm Beach. Awards like The Louis S. Boski Outstanding Catch Award and the Magnificent Mrs. Henry R. Rea Trophy, marine artwork, fishing tackle and accessories. 


The top lady angler award in memory of Rose Hampp is a special trophy presented to the female angler who releases the most sailfish of the tournament. Rose Hampp was the winner of the 1957 derby’s ladies sailfish release trophy.  


Fun Facts about the derby: 

  • The Sailfish Derby was established in 1935 and is the oldest running sailfish tournament in the world.  
  • The famous American author and big game angler, Ernest Hemingway, was a Derby trophy sponsor.  
  • The derby is one of the first tournaments to promote catch and release. 

Track how Christina and other participants are doing with this live standings link: